Solid Panel Shutters Sevenoaks

Solid panel shutters are a beautiful window dressing, no matter what type of window you have. Solid shutters are an excellent addition to bay windows, sash windows and any other type of window you may have. If you would like to install window shutters, contact SashPro.

We are Sevenoaks’ number one window shutter providers and installers. Our passionate team are dedicated to delivering you the best shutters and getting your shutters installed. You won’t be disappointed when you choose us to get your new shutters.

Why Install Our Interior Window Shutters

Window shutters are a fantastic addition to your home because of their regal elegance. These beautiful shutters will give your home traditional beauty while also providing modern benefits. Our window shutters give thermal efficiency and insulation, which ensures your home remains warm during the cold months.

What’s more, with fitted shutters, you can enjoy increased privacy because our solid shutter styles completely block out light from the windows. For reasons like this, so many have opted for our bespoke solid panel shutters.

Our Window Shutters

You should install your window shutters with SashPro because we are flexible with your windows. We will fit window shutters in your home regardless of your size, height or type. This means that we can fit full-height shutters if you have exceptionally tall windows to ensure that you can benefit from the insulation and privacy that solid shutters offer.

What’s more, we offer tier-on-tier shutters to give you flexibility with your window shutters. This means you can open up the top half or bottom half of your fitted shutter, which will have a similar effect to plantation shutters.

You can choose from a range of shutter styles when you fit shutters with SashPro. We use the best quality in the business to ensure our customers can fully benefit from the thermal insulation of the finished product.

We have installed shutters for countless customers in Sevenoaks, and you could be next. Our shutter range and styles are popular amongst many and guarantee safety and beauty to your home. If you’re ready to install the perfect shutters, contact SashPro today.