Traditional Wooden Solid Panel Shutters in Kent

Any home has the potential to be transformed by window shutters and solid panel shutters offer more features than any other type . That is why they have always been a popular choice as a window dressing. These traditional features offer the finest approach to attain regal grandeur, privacy and security in your home. That’s why you’re making a great choice if you decide to install solid shutters in your property.

It’s important that you go to the right service company to install your new shutters. That’s why you should contact SashPro. We’ve been making shutters for 38 years and installing them in and around Kent and London. At SashPro, we believe window shutters are excellent for window decoration and preserving the privacy of your house. So, if you would like to enjoy the beauty and security of window shutters, contact us today.

Our Bespoke Window Shutters

Bespoke period wooden solid panel shutters provide for a charming period window cover with an extra layer of warmth and privacy.

We make our shutters in poplar with douglas fir framing and traditional raised floating panels with ovolo/ogee molding trim detail. Alternatively, our Shaker style shutters offer a modern feel perhaps resonating with today’s interiors.

If your house wasn’t built with interior wooden shutters in mind, they can be fitted to a high specification and there is usually enough space to the sides of windows to accommodate them laying concertina against the wall. If not, we can make and fit shutter boxes for them to close into more tidily.

The Benefits of Solid Window Shutters

A study by the Caledonia University, in 2006, showed that thermal properties of solid panel shutters when closed over a single glazed window is actually on par with double glazing! So, if you have single-glazed windows, you might be interested in opting for solid panel shutters. This way, you can save money by avoiding double-glazed installation, and you get to upgrade the interior of your home!

In the Georgian and Victorian periods of gas or candle lamps shutters used to reach almost to the top of the window, leaving a light gap of about ten inches. This isn’t necessary today so we make them to reach up and cover the entire window providing you with complete privacy and added insulation.

We can also make your shutters with a horizontal divide across the mid-section (tier-on-tier), this provides the added benefit of letting you close the lower shutter flaps for privacy while letting in natural light. What’s more, this allows you to control the privacy of your home as you can choose to open up or close the top half and bottom half of your solid shutters. This flexibility is yet another reason why so many homeowners in Kent decide to install solid panel shutters.

Security and Beauty

When you install solid window shutters, you not only tap into a world of traditional beauty but also open the door to advanced security. The reason why window shutters have been popular throughout time and why they’re popular today in Kent is because they offer security as well as beauty.

There’s nothing more efficient than gorgeous window shutters that also provide security. Due to the thick nature of our window shutters, your home will be provided with additional security. This is because the bespoke wooden materials we use offer thermal insulation, thus keeping you warm in the cold months.

Security is greatly enhanced as our shutters are fitted with a traditional sapele shutter bar that passes over the closing shutters and prevents them from being opened from outside without much calamity. Solid polished or antique brass as well as silver or satin and even black iron thumb turn closers and other hardware are available.

Contact Us Today

We have fitted shutters for many customers in Kent and we’re excited to install yours.  Many people love our selection of shutters, and it’s no wonder why; they provide beauty and protection to your home.

If you’re interested in finding out more or simply want to get on with commissioning SashPro to make and fit them for you, then get in touch.