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Wooden Period Panel Shutters – Why they’re making a significant comeback…

Bespoke period wooden panel window shutters provide security, darkness when you want it and privacy when you need it.
A lucky and too few period house dwellers have shutter boxes to the sides of their bay sash windows. We often find that the shutters are either missing or worn out but remaking period shutters in Poplar or heartwood pine with traditional floating panels and ovolo moldings is becoming quite a popular request.
Victorian sash window
full internal shutters
Even if your period house wasn’t built with interior wooden shutters in mind they can fitted to a high specification as there is usually space enough to the sides of bay windows to accommodate them when they’re open, either laying concertina against the wall or we can make shutter boxes for them to close into.
Traditional wooden shutters don’t just look and feel great, they are really practical too. A study by the Caledonia University in 2006 showed that thermal properties of solid panel shutters when closed over a single glazed window is actually on par with double glazing!
Obviously having your timber casement or sash windows double glazed and weather proofed is fairly crucial because you won’t have the shutters closed all the time but it’s good to know that as the night draws in you’ll have that additional feature.

In the Georgian period of gas or candle lamps shutters used to reach almost to the top of the window, leaving a light gap of about ten inches. This isn’t necessary today so we make them to reach up and cover the entire window providing you with complete privacy and added insulation.
We can also make your shutters with a horizontal divide across the mid section or just above as you can see from the photos. The left side photo is of a project where the customer wanted them split exactly in half and the lady who commissioned us to make the shutters in the photo on the right wanted more privacy, you can see they are divided nearer the top of the sash window. This has the benefit of letting you close the lower sections (or flaps as they’re traditionally called) for privacy while letting in natural light or for sitting back and gazing at the night sky, as you will.
Security is greatly enhanced as our shutters are fitted with a traditional iron shutter bar that passes over the closing shutters and prevents them from being opened from outside. Solid brass thumb turns in a variety of finishes are also available.

Traditional wooden shutters are a charming feature that add value to your home for all the reasons mentioned above. If you’re interested in finding out more or simply want to get on with commissioning Sashpro to make and fit  them for you then do get in touch.

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