Traditionally Made Wooden Sliding Sash Box Windows, Double Glazed, Draught Proof and Secured by Design

SashPro has been making Sash Box Windows since the 1980s so you’re not leaving anything to chance when you engage with us. From TFL’s Victoria HQ to various country piles and from the RAF Club to Holland Park’s Debenham House and some pretty top notch K&C, Grosvenor Estate dwellings with Dulwich Estate properties and a wealth (too many to recall) of charming period housing stock in London and the home counties in between.

Each project we undertake, be it new sashes to existing box sash window frames or complete renewal, we make all our windows in our south London joinery which not only means better fitting items but speedy problem solving. We adhere to traditional hand made joinery standards that ensure absolute authenticity.

We ensure our wooden sash windows are energy efficient meeting Part L Building Regulations when complete renewal is the order of the day. Over the years we’ve innovated and introduced various solutions that make producing traditional authentic period sash windows that conform to today’s environmental demands not only possible but the norm.

Why timber windows are still the choice for period homeowners

Since 2004 Building Regulations have had to be extended to include period properties. Yet designated conservvation areas protect original features.

As far back as the early 1990s SashPro was developing ways to improve the weather performance of period windows. Our sash windows have gone further still including vastly improved glazing, perimeter gaskets and fitting methods using insulating materials in order to provide for the demanding environmental challenges that must be met. However, our sash windows (and casements and doors) look exactly like original fenestration.

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The Interior of a triple bay sash window
In this case the southerly aspect had caused damage beyond reasonable repair so the box frames had to be stripped out to the masonry.
A triple bay sash window
They were replaced with high performance timber sash windows.
Beaverwood School Chiselhurst during an extensive refurbishment
Beaverwood School, Chiselhurst during an extensive refurbishment to the box frames. The sashes were renewed into the original frame works.
Beaverwood School Chiselhurst after refurbishment
Beaverwood School, Chiselhurst after the refurbishments – just in time for school!

Sash Windows to be replaced
Metal windows which were to be replaced
New wooden Sash Windows
The newly installed wooden sash windows, complete with period details.
Victorian Sash Windows
The ‘railway cottages’ in Clapham
Houses in Notting Hill
Sash Pro back in the 1990s in Notting Hill

There really are no compromises to be met as timber windows and doors provide the highest thermal performance naturally, over and above items constructed with upvc and aluminium.

As one of the first firms to address the preservation of sash windows in general, SashPro has helped to develop a number of innovations that make it possible for the period sash window to remain in existence and be accountable ecologically. We developed a weather proofing system that not only addressed the traditional synonymous combination of the words draughty and sash window, now thankfully rendered apart but we did it completely invisibly. In other words it’s one of those clever devices you’ll never see, so sash windows remain unaffected aesthetically.

A sash window frame being made
Complicated sashes can be double glazed (and yes, that’s a lot of sawdust)
Multi Sash Windows
…and installed looking exactly like the original
Complex sash windows needing refurbishment
How the original window looked when we brought it back to the workshop…
Finely Detailed Sash Windows
…re-made to look exactly like the original, double glazed and draught proofed.

Sash Window Furniture & Hardware

The original elegance and functionality of sash window hardware invariably remains intact save for one or two items that proffer modernity, and all items are available in a variety of finishes including antique brass, polished brass, satin chrome and polished chrome to suit the individuality of the rooms in your home.

To note, catches placed in the centre of the meeting rails of a sash window are there merely to draw the sashes together and should not be considered as a security device.

Use of the sash window ‘sash stop’ is really the only effective way of securing sliding sash timber windows. Happily they are great for preventing children from falling out and burglars from entering. They also allow for secure ventilation.

Sash handles and lifts, used for opening and closing your sash windows can be had in the same finishes mentioned above and being of a decorative shape as well as a practical feature they will give your sash windows that finishing touch that makes them look rather special.

A useful addition to any sash window that is situated, for example, beyond a kitchen counter and is therefore hard to reach is the Meakins device. This apparatus allows you to open and close your sash windows by pulling on a cord that hangs either side of the window. The cords are finished with wooden handles that look and feel traditional. Advisable for anyone who wants to use the window regularly for clearing kitchen odours.