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Sash Window Hardware

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The original elegance and functionality of sash window hardware invariably remains intact save for one or two items that proffer modernity, and all items are available in a variety of finishes including antique brass, polished brass, satin chrome and polished chrome to suit the individuality of the rooms in your home.

To note, catches placed in the centre of the meeting rails of a sash window are there merely to draw the sashes together and should not be considered as a security device.
Use of the sash window ‘sash stop’ is really the only effective way of securing sliding sash timber windows. Happily they are great for preventing children from falling out and burglars from entering. They also allow for secure ventilation.

Sash handles and lifts, used for opening and closing your sash windows can be had in the same finishes mentioned above and being of a decorative shape as well as a practical feature they will give your sash windows that finishing touch that makes them look rather special.

A useful addition to any sash window that is situated, for example, beyond a kitchen counter and is therefore hard to reach is the Meakins device. This apparatus allows you to open and close your sash windows by pulling on a cord that hangs either side of the window. The cords are finished with wooden handles that look and feel traditional. Advisable for anyone who  wants to use the window regularly for clearing kitchen odours.

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