Wooden Front Doors Sevenoaks

A beautiful front door is the finishing touch that makes an exterior of a home look striking. So, you want to make sure your front door is as stunning as the rest of your home. The best way to achieve a unique and beautiful look to your home’s exterior is through a bespoke front door.

If you would like to install a beautiful and traditional front door, contact SashPro. We’re here to provide our Sevenoaks customers with bespoke front doors. Our front doors are handmade with your wonderful ideas in mind. Consequently, whatever traditional door you would like, SashPro is here to create it.

Our Front Doors

Here at SashPro, our front doors are handcrafted so we can meet all of your requirements.  Any door from any era can be created by us. SashPro has all of the options, whether you want a traditional door or something more contemporary. Whatever front door you desire, SashPro is here to design it! 

If you are leaning towards getting a traditional front door, you’ve come to the right place. Traditional front doors from the 18th to the 20th centuries are what we specialise in! When you purchase one of our tailor-made front doors, you’re sure to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Our captivating doors are unique so you won’t find anyone with the same front door.

Aside from being absolutely stunning, our front doors meet contemporary thermal and security standards. So, when you install one of our front doors, you can enjoy insulation and warmth whilst also benefitting from their beauty.

Timber Doors

The key to a charming, traditional door is the material it’s made from. Traditionally, front doors are made from timber due to their sturdiness and elegance. That’s why we manufacture our wooden front doors with timber. Timber doors are an excellent asset to a home due to their durability and chic beauty.

Here at SashPro, we only use the best timber when crafting our timber doors so our Sevenoaks customers only receive the best. We’re confident that our timber doors will be long-lasting which is why we offer a 20-year warranty. So, you can install your timber door with confidence knowing that it will last a while!

Order your Wooden Front Door Today!

Front doors bring out the character of a home so it’s important that you find the perfect door. You can find your perfect wooden door with SashPro. Give us a call today to start your front-door journey.