Wooden Front Doors Beckenham

Wooden front doors are a lovely way to improve the exterior of your house. These front doors are always in style since they are classic. Therefore, if you’re considering installing a wooden front door, you’re making a great choice.

You want to make sure you choose the right company to install your new wooden doors so contact SashPro. We install bespoke and traditional front doors that are handcrafted to perfection. Our door manufacturing and installation service are available to customers in Beckenham, so call us today.

Elegant Front Doors

Front doors are the focal point of any home’s exterior so it is essential that your front door is warm and welcoming. If you would like to achieve this charming beauty, install one of our front doors.

Our handcrafted front doors are designed to uphold the tradition and elegance of classic wooden doors. As one of the oldest door manufacturers in London, we have expert knowledge of what goes into creating and installing elegant front doors. So, when you choose us to install your front door, you know you’re receiving the very best service.

 These days, composite front doors are taking the world by storm. However, here at SashPro, we believe in tradition which means our front doors are made completely from wood. Our doors are created from the very best timber around which originates from Douglas fir, oak and many other majestic plants.

Timber Doors

When you think of timber doors, what comes to mind? Durability, strength, elegance or maybe even sustainability. These are all qualities that can be found in timber doors which is why they have remained popular throughout time. That’s why our expert team at SashPro are dedicated to crafting bespoke front doors with timber- we believe that timber is the best material to use when creating reliable and gorgeous front doors.

So, if you would like to install a wooden door, look no further than our luxurious timber doors. They have everything you need from a front door: beauty, charm and durability. What’s more, our timber doors are installed with the latest security measures and thermal efficiency in place. Thus, you can enjoy a traditional front door whilst benefiting from modern technology.

Choose your Bespoke Wooden Front Door Today

If you are ready for your new wooden front door, contact SashPro today. Our timber doors are sure to last you a while which is why we offer a 20-year warranty. For more information, call us today.