Bespoke Wooden Front Doors in London & Kent

Word has it that chic, durable and secure are all features you want in your front entrance doors – we know.

When getting your new entrance door, you want to ensure that you choose the right service and company to get the job done. You should be looking for a company that has genuine experience in this field and you’ll want a team who are passionate about delivering the best service. Maybe you should have a look at us, why not? It’s not a inexpensive item and it’s an important one so please do look beyond the general marketing – look at the company’s that have been around for decades, that’s where it’s at . Essentially we’ve been creating bespoke entrance doors and we also fit them – since 1986. We can create a unique door for you alone and in doing so we can either borrow from the regal periods or right up to the present (with a bit of period intertwined) or indeed copy from a neighbouring door that defines your streets style. And yes, our front doors also conform to the latest thermal and security measures.

The History Behind London’s Wooden Front Doors

Have you ever noticed a street of singularly designed entrance doors let alone the housing stock as you go about your way? Well, apart from being emblematic of a period style that the 18th, 19th, and 20th-century speculative builders agreed on with a local planner and they accomplished that mightily, they were all, at the same time, competing with each other in aesthetics, ability, and economy, borough by borough. The essential aesthetic remains to this day, and with period town dwellings remaining so proudly upright, it’s certainly worth the effort to renew with like-for-like craftsmanship and this includes innate skills along with the use of materials that have already stood the test of time. And so from Oak for a southerly aspect to Douglas Fir for a northerly you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll conscientiously advise, through decades of craftsmanship where you might be persuaded to overspend or indeed underspend in the door market as it is.

Why Choose Us

As mentioned before, we are one of the oldest door makers around. It leaves us to bear our fruit only with passion.

The Test of Timber for Wooden Front Doors

A lot of work goes into hand-making a bespoke wooden door so the best timber for your main entrance door is vital for it to last in service and it is in our mutual interest given that we offer a 50 year warranty.

We’re one of the oldest door makers in London and all that knowledge passes down to our customers via our efforts and the product. We’ll advise on the best timber to use known for lasting well in your location and aspect providing an item that will last longer than the original thanks to kiln drying and the use of newer stabilising paint finishes. Go ahead and search Cascamite for example or Teknos and you’ll see where where we’re coming from. From douglas fir to sapele , european or english oak to Accoya. We’ll make sure you get the most from your investment.

Glazed finishes can be of traditional satin etched or decorative glass allowing thermal control that meets Building Regulations Part L.

Front Door Security

Security is taken care of using high tensile independent locks or with a night latch that can secure in one turn of a handle allowing vertical and horizontal mortise bolts to engage without compromise. At SashPro we use Banham, Ingersoll and Winkhaus, renowned for using high grade steel with sophisticated lock barrels.

Who We Are

SashPro initially worked as period-property joiners and carpenters. Over the years, we have built up our community in London and Kent and we have extended our services. So, we don’t just manufacture wooden front doors, we also create sash windows, casement windows, internal doors and garden doors.

If you are interested in our wooden entrance door service, give us a call today.