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We make period wooden garden doors that enhance this thematic aspect of your home. Bespoke in design, with attention paid to aspects such as light emission and with security built in.

The customer required wider opening doors than originally there so we narrowed the side lights to allow for this. They also wanted more light in the room so we designed the door-set with this in mind, fewer and larger panes and thinner glazing bars. In Dulwich.

leaded light garden doors
The customer wanted an exact copy of the original door-set that had decayed and also double glazed with 2 x 4mm laminated glass sealed units. In Dulwich.

Impenetrable toughened high-spec double glazing will keep the warmth inside from these large glazed areas while you can rest assured that they present no vulnerability to either footballs, cricket balls or burglars.

Our joinery is set up to copy your existing door-set if it’s decayed or we can assist with a re-design providing drawings and ideas in variance. Keeping door framing to a minimum and glazed areas to the max so as to allow light in is not a problem when hardwood is used.

Just take a look at the photos above and you can see that instead of thick wood members you can see more glass which means light, airiness and therefore an uplift of mood will prevail. Notwithstanding, a decent set of black out drapes or even our panel door shutters might be in order.
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These before and after photos show a window having been removed and the course work leveled to produce a doorway. We undertake the masonry works making sure that exterior works would have you think it was always a door, in other words attention to detail. The customer designed the door herself and wanted more light and equally a warm door-set as this is her dining room. This was achieved using Aquamac seals and toughened sealed units achieving a 1.4 U value which surpasses current Building Regulations.

garden doors
Again the customer required large glazed areas but also security was a major concern so this door-set has a six point locking system, toughened laminated glass units and security hinges.

high security anti cut deadlock
This is a euro lock and it offers high central point security for a garden door-set as it resists mortise leverage. It’s fitted internally of the frame and a period brass or brushed steel handle can be used on the door to work it.

garden doors closing system
Here the customer required lamb’s tongue glazing bars and thin door framing to allow more light into the room. An espagnolette locking system is used instead of a mortise lock in these Dulwich garden doors.

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